Saturday, 29 October 2016

An Explanation for Therapists' Burn-Out

I know I keep banging on about this book, "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson but I have found it fascinating. So many of his ideas correspond with my own discoveries.

In the courses I run with my colleague Dzmitry Karpuk we pay great attention to the propensity for dedicated therapists to suffer from overload, secondary trauma impact and burn-out. Johnson's explanation is as follows, "It is a well-known law that if we do too much for people who have not themselves earned such favors, the giver must assume a part of the burden of the karma of the recipient. If you give a thousand dollars to anyone who has not earned it and who may misuse it, you yourself must be prepared to suffer the loss, not only of what you have foolishly given away but of the double amount in addition. Possibly you may suffer other penalties as well. Love must be given constructively."

Johnson believes that Christ died too soon because he did too many gratuitous healings and miracles and left his disciples only half trained to carry out his work.

I Did the Journey

It must be rather odd reading blogs where the first thing you see is the latest blog.  Anyway, previously I was talking about the Audible Life Stream which is the method used by the Masters in the book "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson.  I decided to journey to my spirit guide to ask about the audible life stream.  My guide offered to show me how it works.  First I had to take off my headphones which play the drum which I usually use to help me to journey.  Then I was left with a feeling that I was open to what was around me. I could hear cars passing outside... and the tinnitus in my left ear. The 'silence' was very distracting. It was a great effort to concentrate on the journey. I did manage to hear a sound.  Not very loud. Like a hum. Like a lot of people chanting. I was able to let myself be carried by this sound to the place where I have been before. I can only try to describe it visually. I am part of a cosmos. Like those beautiful pictures of outer space. A vast number of worlds or entities or galaxies, all drifting towards a kind of horizon and disappearing below it. But the horizon is not like the one that ancient scholars imagined, where once you had gone over it you fell off the world. This goes on and on. There is a wonderful beauty about it. I experienced the love. But it was not like that in the book.  Rather than the love coming from outside, it was coming from inside of me outwards in a continuous stream.

So, I think that there are different ways to journey for different people. Some people are visual, like I am; but many people are auditory and experience the world and the universe through sound. There are also people who are kinaesthetic who experience through sensation. I can't imagine how they do it but I know that they can journey into other dimensions just as well.

Discussing this with a friend, we came to the conclusion that our Masters are not in this world but they are our Spirit Guides who advise, help and support us in non-ordinary reality.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Audible Life Stream

The Audible Life Stream is that which carries us to the Supreme Creator, according to Julian Johnson in "The Path of the Masters".

"The Audible Life Stream is the supreme Creator himself vibrating through space. It is the wave of spiritual life going forth from the Creator to every living thing in the universe.

"The higher we go the more enchanting the music.  In those higher worlds the music is less mixed with matter, and so is not dulled."

Johnson uses sound to guide him to the upper realms. He quotes from the Bible, "In the beginning is the Word", it is what drives Creation.

I must confess that I have not experienced the Audible Life Stream.  I will journey on it and ask my guides what it is and, maybe, experience it myself.

Four Fundamental Principles from Ancient Eastern Philosophy

From "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson

  1. The first general principle is:
          Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti. That which exists is one: sages call it by various names.

All that lives is one life, one in essence, permeated and vitalized by the one universal Being.

The whole infinite universe is held together in one bond, and that bond is love.

2.      Tat Tvam Asi  Thou art that.

It means that every individual is so closely akin to all others that no real distinction can be made between them.

Each individual is the Supreme One

3.     Detachment

Essentially, this means that one is to cease to identify himself with his possessions and environment. 

He must leave not only his wealth and loved ones but he must leave his own body.

4.    Get rid of desire

Desire is the cause of all sorrow. 

"Desire draws us to objects of sense. The senses overwhelm the mind and the mind enslaves the soul... get rid of desire by placing before the mind something which has greater attraction."

Do We Need a Master?

Julian Johnson, in "The Path of the Masters", is very emphatic that the only way to achieve redemption is through the tuition of a Master. He then goes on to describe how the Master is able to travel out of his body and to reach the many upper realms away from the earth.

However, I can do this. And so can the many people I have trained with and those whom I have taught myself. The only difference seems to be the way that this travel outside the body is achieved. The Master teaches a method that begins with a deep meditation.  My friends and colleagues and I journey with the drum. The monotonous beat of the drum sends our brainwaves into the theta state and then we can journey at will.

I like the way that Johnson describes the experience of journeying:

"The student leaves his body in much the same way a dying man leaves it, except that the student does it voluntarily and the process is always under his own control, and he can come back into the body any moment he wishes to return. Otherwise, his passing out of his body is practically the same as that of a dying man. He thus learns what death means, and also what lies beyond death - even becoming acquainted with the future home to which he is to go when he finally leaves his body. He may also converse with friends who have long ago left their bodies.

"In fact, there is no death at all. There is simply a shifting of the scenes, an awakening in a new world."

It is true that journeying removes all fear of death.


Julian Johnson, in "The Path of the Masters" talks about the law of karma.  He says that we are condemned to an eternal round of reincarnation and existences on earth, all the time gathering karma and in between we are punished and again sent out to learn about karma. Johnson says that it is only when we meet a Master who can guide us that we can escape the eternal round and join the Supreme One.

I decided to journey to my Spirit Guide to ask about karma.

He said that karma is the law of cause and effect.  I was shown the positive side of karma.  If you set in motion something good - then good will be manifested. The more good you introduce to life, the more good will be created.

I asked, "What about bad karma?" Yes.  That works in the opposite way but it can be counteracted by good karma.

I asked, "What about the belief that we all have endless rounds of life on earth as a result of our bad karma?"  I was told that if you believe that - then it will happen.  Concentrate on good karma and it won't.

The Mind and the Soul

These are more quotations from "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson

"Social customs, ceremonies, rites, religions and politics are all based upon mental habits and are usually handed down from one generation to another.

"The whole human race is a slave to custom... All of this is because mind, both individual and social, is machinelike in its action. It cannot reason. Can you imagine vast armies going out with deliberate aim to destroy each other if they had the power of reason? Crime and moral rectitude are both mental habits. International strife is only blind personal passion run wild, en masse.

"The mind runs on habit. The more a habit is indulged, the more deeply will it become entrenched.

"There is a point, a fatal moment, a deadly crisis, when the soul is no longer able to handle the situation. It cannot reach the mind, and the mind itself is in the grasp of a relentless fate created by its own conduct.

"It is a principle of psychology verified by the experience of everyone that whatever the mind dwells upon, that thing becomes a part of the individual. We grow like that which we contemplate. The more vividly the thought dwells upon anything, the more that individual becomes like the thing he thinks about."

The Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson

I can't remember who recommended this book.  It has been on my shelves for some time. I have found it a fascinating read. It is written by an American who was a distinguished surgeon, artist, scholar, pilot and an ordained minister of the church. He became dissatisfied with what he had learned from his Christian studies and went in search of a greater truth.  In India he finally met a Master who could answer his questions and lead him to the Truth.

I have quoted some of the things he has written which have particularly interested me:


"The mind is not self-conscious nor self-acting. It has no power of automation or of initiative. It is simply a machine ...

"We are not accustomed to think of mind as a machine.  We have always been taught that if there was anything that had powers of origination and initiative, it was the mind ... Mind works only when activated by the soul.

"... Mind alone cannot think, cannot will, cannot love. It cannot remember nor suffer nor enjoy. To do all of these things it must, in every instance, be activated by spirit.

"... of course, mind is a most useful instrument, provided it is kept under the control of the spirit. Mind is an excellent servant but a very bad master.  Your automobile or your airplane is a fine instrument for travel. But you must keep it under control and guide it. ... If your car is permitted to run wild, under full power, it is sure to come to grief. It knows no better than to run on as it has been trained to run. It cannot see and it cannot reason. So it is with mind, in every particular. It is your servant, but if it becomes your master it may speedily bring disaster upon you.

"Spirit alone has light in it, and spirit alone can work independently and rationally.

"We often hear people blaming others, insisting that they could do differently, if they would. Yes, but they cannot will to do differently. They can choose only what their minds have been predisposed to choose, unless a new impulse comes in from the spirit.

If a little light filters in from the spirit a person may change his course of thinking or action, but never otherwise. If the mind enjoys a certain sensation, it wishes to repeat that sensation as often as possible, quite regardless of whether that sensation is good for the person or not. And this is why we have so many drunkards, libertines and dope fiends."

Morality: Trying to Live By Someone Else's Rules?

I was having a discussion with a friend about morality. We were talking about prostitution. Should we judge and condemn prostitutes? Or should we have compassion for them?

I suggested that my friend journey to ask her guides about the subject and this is what she came up with:

A better name for morality would be "value system". A value system is beyond religion, it comes from the Source. Religions try to use morality to gain control over people. But it is not about control but about love.  A value system is about not creating pain and suffering for oneself and others. It is about love, truth, honesty and compassion.

About prostitution - be compassionate.  Prostitution is harmful because the person's soul gets covered up or lost and the person becomes soulless.

When people do bad things they become out of alignment with the highest truth. They have a lack of faith in Great Spirit. Great Spirit will provide if the person decides to move away from prostitution. Otherwise the person will suffer, will lose soul and become possessed by entities. The people who use prostitutes also lose soul. Great Spirit will provide once a person turns away from the activity.

Nothing is greater than the Law.  If society is in chaos it is because there is no value system. The value systems of religions are mostly good but become set in stone and outdated. There is no black or white. The story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruits means that everything that is against the divine value system will bring pain and suffering.

A value system is for oneself. We can tell people about our truth but it is their decision whether to follow it or not. A value system is to emancipate us. To help us to love one another and to be at peace.

There are lots of things in the world to enjoy and we should give thanks for them.  It is addiction to pleasure that causes pain. We need moderation, a middle way, balance.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Power of the Dream

While working on a dream during our recent workshop, one participant found herself pulling on a lead, as though she was being pulled along by a large dog. The message from the dream was that she could let go of the lead. When she did, her arm and shoulder relaxed. She had been suffering for some time with a painful shoulder, but now there was no pain.

Recent Dreams and Nightmares Workshop

We are delighted to share that our last training event (17/18th Sep) on Working with Nightmares and Dreams was a great success. This one seemed to be even more intense than the last one we ran on this topic. The participants were so willing to dive into the experience and to try out the exercises that we had planned. We worked with ordinary dreams first to gain confidence in the method and then we changed the procedure slightly for working with nightmares so that we could avoid anybody being re-traumatised during the process. Working ‘on the hoof’ we also suggested to people who do not have dreams that the method could be used with any issue that may be troubling them and this proved to be very useful. We wish to thank all those who took part for making the experience so powerful.

How Focusing Mixes with Shamanic Journeying

I was working with a client in a Focusing session, when she suddenly found herself in the Upper World speaking to her deceased grandmother. The grandmother was able to give her some good advice about family members.

The Cave of Lost Souls

A few months ago a friend emailed me about her discovery of this series of caverns when she was journeying for someone. The caves had mud floors where souls were buried in the mud. Well, I also found this cave when I was unravelling a curse. I was sent to look for a relative who had cast curses on a family. When I found this soul I was able to persuade her to revoke the curse. Then I wanted her to ascend to the Upper World, where all souls should go.  But, she still had more curses to remove before she could go.  After some time I was able to help her to transcend.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Soul parts of abusers

Often, when I have been in the process of depossessing clients of spirits that may be hanging around them, I have come across soul parts of people who have abused them in the past. This also happens sometimes when I am doing Focusing, as the initial part of both processes is very similar.

When doing Focusing we will find a part that is not a part of the client. It often is malicious and causes great distress to the client. The same happens with depossession. We will find an entity that is malicious. In both cases we can speak to the entity and find out where it has come from. These are not parts of people who have died, but who are still living.

It is not ethical to send a soul part back, without permission, to somebody who is still alive; so I send them to the Lower World to await a time when their owner may come to collect them. I do not know if the abuser consciously leaves a part of themselves with the victim in order to control him or her, or whether the soul of the victim clings onto a part of the abuser's soul, or whether it is a karmic occurrence whereby the abuser gradually loses parts of his or her soul.

If anyone has any views or experience on this subject I would be glad to hear from you.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Beautiful Marriage Vows

I was doing some focusing with a friend who was due to get married in a few days’ time. He was feeling very apprehensive, not about making a huge commitment to his partner, but about standing up in front of a group of people and feeling vulnerable.

He and his partner had devised their own vows. To him the ceremony was all about being open-hearted. These vows brought tears to my eyes:

·         I trust in your love

·         I am here to be seen

·         I bring my whole self to the marriage

·         I ask you to support me in feeling my true heart

·         We commit to creating space for the girls (while holding hands with their children) to be themselves.

·         At the end of the ceremony everyone to join hands and feel connectedness with each other and the Loving Spirit. “I ask for your help in feeling my loving heart.”

Even though this was about being open-hearted he was feeling on his own – not connected to anything.

He had mentioned earlier about feeling the Universe looking over his shoulder. I reminded him about this and he began to feel connected to the Love all around him and aware of the Presence. He felt grounded into it. His body connected to the ground. His Spirit meeting the Presence all around him.

Then he realised why he had not been able to be open-hearted but on his own. He had been hoping that being open-hearted would bring that connectedness. But he was doing it the wrong way round. He needed to feel the connectedness first, then he would be open-hearted.

The wedding went very well and he very much enjoyed the day.


A Lightbulb Moment

I woke up this morning with this blinding realisation.  Well, it was obvious really, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

During my career as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist I have found that all of my clients, without exception (as far as I can remember), have been suffering from low self-esteem, surviving abuse of various kinds, being treated as a doormat, putting everyone else before themselves, giving of themselves too much - to their own detriment.

Psycotherapists and counsellors have been criticised for encouraging people to put themselves first, leading to a "me first" culture. We have been accused of fostering a culture of individuality, rather than working for the good of the family or community.

Putting oneself first seems to go against the teaching of most religions, which preach humility, turning the other cheek, giving away one's possessions, caring for others...

And then, this morning, I realised that all (well, most) religions consist of men preaching to men. Of course! For thousands of years men have been favoured by parents and communities, encouraged to achieve, fight, make money, make war. They have been brought up like little princes, catered to by their womenfolk who adored them, nurtured them, fed them, comforted them and anticipated their needs from cradle to grave. As a result men have tended to be arrogant, pompous, selfish and blind to the needs of others. That is why they need to be preached at by their priests and prophets to think of others.

There needs to be a balance. Women, especially, suffer from the belief that they should put themselves last. Women, also, suffer from violence, neglect and abuse in greater numbers than men. However, I do not deny that men who have been abused also suffer in the same way.

Maybe now is the time for a new religion. One that preaches equality for all and one that fosters individual development and achievement for everybody, as well as consideration for others. After all, the two aims are not mutually exclusive.

Monday, 15 August 2016


My first encounter with a possessing spirit was when I was doing Focusing with a client some years ago. The client was in some distress and when we started Focusing there was something on the right shoulder. This was not a part of the client, which is almost always the case with Focusing, but it was an evil spirit that hissed at me. I did not know then how to do depossession and I reported the experience to my Supervisor on my Shamanic course. I journeyed on this possessing spirit and found that it was a soldier from an ancient war who had attached himself to various people over the years.

When we later learned about depossession on my course, we were told that all souls of dead people should go to the Upper World (I suppose some would call it Heaven). It did not matter what the people had done during their lives in the Middle World, they were all entitled to transcend to the Upper World. Unfortunately, many spirits do not make the transition. I have encountered spirits who believe that they have been too wicked to be entitled to transcend. There are also some who have died suddenly and do not realise that they are dead. In the modern world, with the decline of religions, people are ignorant of the existence of the Upper World and, therefore, do not know where to go when they die.

These souls drift around in the Middle World. This is where we get our ghosts and poltergeists. Often they will attach themselves to a living person to share in that person's energy and experiences. They are usually quite harmless but occasionally they can influence that person's tastes and decisions.

We have been taught to remove these spirits but also to make sure that they go to a place where they are not likely to attach themselves to another individual. If they are the souls of dead people we send them to the Upper World, where they can continue their existence.

Sometimes, when I am doing depossession, I come across alien beings. They are quite like "Q" who appears in Startrek. They have just come along to observe. I call upon the elders of their world to come and get them - and they do.

Of course, this is quite dangerous work and I have to take care that everything is in place to protect myself and those around me.  I find the work fascinating.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Soul Loss and Focusing

Soul loss is another phenomenon which is encountered both in Focusing and in Shamanism. The idea of soul loss in Shamanism is that sometimes, when we suffer a shock or a traumatic event, we lose a part of our soul. In fact, we can lose almost all of it, such as when we are in a coma or when we find ourselves outside our bodies at a crash site or in an operating theatre. Such phrases come to mind as: "I jumped out of my skin", or, "I was beside myself", or "I was somewhere else, I don't remember". Sometimes the soul comes back by itself but often parts of us split off and stay stuck outside our normal awareness. It is strange, though, that they can still occasionally have a dramatic effect upon us, filling us with fear and making us act in ways over which we have no control . As my Psychosynthesis trainer, Barbara Cole, used to say, "What is excluded, controls". The Shaman can journey into non-ordinary reality and bring back these soul parts, though they do come back with conditions that we change our lives in some way, otherwise they will leave again.

I believe that in Focusing we contact these same split-off parts. They remain in our bodies as a felt sense but they are out of touch with our thinking brain. When we can contact the felt sense (which is a particular phenomenon or sensation but not a feeling or an emotion) we are getting in touch with this excluded soul part. We ask it what it has to say, what it wants and how it wants to change things. Very often, in a single session, the soul part can return and be integrated into our everyday being. These parts often also demand that we change our way of life. They will not stay if we continue to live in a stressful and un-nurturing environment.


Psychopomp is enabling spirits from the Middle World to transcend to the Upper World.

We live in the Middle World and when we die we are all supposed to go to the Upper World (I suppose you could call it Heaven), no matter what we did while we were alive. Unfortunately, in the present day, where many have given up on religion, and the souls of people do not know where to go when they die. I also encounter many souls who believe they do not deserve to go to the Upper World because they think they have been wicked in some way. There are also souls of people who have died suddenly and are not aware that they are dead. So, there are throngs of souls inhabiting the Middle World in non-ordinary reality, in a state of limbo, who should really be pursuing their development in the many realms or levels of the Upper World.

When I was first introduced to Psychopomp on my course with the Sacred Trust in Dorset, the whole group of us entered the Middle World in non-ordinary reality. We all found that we were really welcomed by the spirits in this world, who were anxious to move out of the state in which they were drifting.

I found myself in an urban environment and a queue soon gathered at a sort of bus stop. I was able to send them to the Upper World by asking them to go to the light and helping them along. Simon, our trainer, had told us that now we could perform psychopomp we might find ourselves attracting souls who wished to transcend. We had all brought a crystal which we could hang up at the entrance to our houses. The spirits would not enter our houses but would wait in the crystal until we were ready to send them on. Some of my colleagues would forget to do it and would find odd spirits inside their houses come to remind them. I once left my crystal in my bedroom when I went on holiday and returned to find the house full of spirits.

Since learning Psychopomp I have performed it weekly. It is such a pleasure to do this service for lost souls. At first I merely had to work with the spirits from the crystal. However, I soon found that there were hordes of spirits waiting for me when I started my session. The Archangel Michael now comes to open a great portal for them all to pass through. I have recently sent through a large number of Nazi soldiers from the second world war and a huge number of battle casualties from the Somme in the first world war.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me and the Church

On my Shamanic Practitioner course with the Sacred Trust in Dorset ( I met two Spirit Guides who were biblical characters. I was puzzled by this as most of the other participants on the course had guides who were ancient gods or spirits of the land and nature. I had been brought up to be an atheist and was very suspicious about religion and the damage that dogma can do. These guides told me first to read the Bible and then to read the Koran. I did whip through them quickly, but I need to go into much greater depth with them both.

Anyway, last year my guides told me to start going to church. So, I went to my local village Church of England church. As the service progressed I began to find the experience very emotional. I was letting go of a huge prejudice. I was tearful and the kindly lady next to me held my hand. I was made very welcome, that day and since, by the congregation.

So, I have continued to attend the church on Sunday mornings. The congregation is small and dwindling for the ordinary services but bigger and more varied for the monthly "Pick and Mix" service which includes activities for children. I am using these attendances as an opportunity to remind myself of "The Other" or God or Great Spirit. In my busy day-to-day life I often get disconnected from it. I have had some precious experiences in that church: feeling myself being hugged by Jesus; suddenly being touched by a truth; being stopped in my tracks by a presence.

I am still wondering what my purpose is there. I am sure the other members of the congregation would be shocked by some of my experiences and beliefs.  But I still go as often as I can.

Focusing and Shamanism

I am fascinated by the ways that these two fields merge with one another.

When studying focusing I was soon convinced that it is a way to access our 'higher self'. The part of us that is in connection with the Great Spirit, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it. Focusing always brings about healing of some kind but it can bring with it a wisdom that is impossible to find in our brain or in our everyday life. We are shown a bigger picture, a less self-centred approach and we are given completely new and original insights into our difficulties and our aspirations.

In shamanic journeys we meet power animals and spirit guides who give us wise advice and new ways of viewing our lives. I have also worked with people who have discovered while focusing helpful animals and human protectors in the guise of Fairy Godmothers, Gods, Magicians, Angels, Saints, Jesus, etc.

One particular common practice is soul retrieval. When we suffer a trauma of some kind a part of our soul 'splits off' from our normal field of activity. These soul parts seem to do this to keep themselves safe, but, once split off, they cease to develop in the same way as the rest of our being. They are still small children or frightened adults. However, they still act upon us at times, especially when we are stressed, and make us behave like frightened children.

The shaman or shamanic practitioner is able to journey into non-ordinary reality to bring back these soul parts so that they can be re-integrated into the whole person of the client. Often there are stipulations that the client must change certain practices or ways of being so that the soul part will stay.

Focusing works in much the same way. The focuser makes contact, through a bodily 'felt sense', with the split-off part, negotiates with it and is able, eventually to re-integrate it into the self. Again, the focuser must change certain things in his or her life so that the part is able to stay.

I think focusing is the easiest method to teach people. It is very simple to learn and they can do it by themselves, or with a partner to listen to them. There is no need for a professional or expert to get involved.

I love teaching both practices. It is so fascinating following people into these realms of discovery.

Focusing. My first blog.

The other day I was doing some Focusing with my focusing partner (we meet on a fortnightly basis).

I found a 'felt sense' in the upper part of my body. The next part of the process is to focus on the felt sense and describe it. As I described its colour, shape, texture, etc. the metaphor of a bottle of Stephens ink appeared. When I was a child a bottle of 'proper' ink was a luxury, compared with the cloggy powder ink we had in our inkwells at school. A new bottle made me think that I should use it to write carefully and meaningfully.

The message was that it is time for me to start writing a blog.

I have spent many years learning and having wonderful experiences. There is no point in keeping all of these things to myself. I need to pass on what I have learned. And a blog seems to be the best way to do it.

After having made the decision I dallied about putting it into practice. Then, last Sunday I was praying for guidance and I was given a microphone.

Having been presented with these two wonderful metaphors I got into action and... Voila!  Here it is!