Thursday, 18 August 2016

Soul parts of abusers

Often, when I have been in the process of depossessing clients of spirits that may be hanging around them, I have come across soul parts of people who have abused them in the past. This also happens sometimes when I am doing Focusing, as the initial part of both processes is very similar.

When doing Focusing we will find a part that is not a part of the client. It often is malicious and causes great distress to the client. The same happens with depossession. We will find an entity that is malicious. In both cases we can speak to the entity and find out where it has come from. These are not parts of people who have died, but who are still living.

It is not ethical to send a soul part back, without permission, to somebody who is still alive; so I send them to the Lower World to await a time when their owner may come to collect them. I do not know if the abuser consciously leaves a part of themselves with the victim in order to control him or her, or whether the soul of the victim clings onto a part of the abuser's soul, or whether it is a karmic occurrence whereby the abuser gradually loses parts of his or her soul.

If anyone has any views or experience on this subject I would be glad to hear from you.

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