Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Me and the Church

On my Shamanic Practitioner course with the Sacred Trust in Dorset ( I met two Spirit Guides who were biblical characters. I was puzzled by this as most of the other participants on the course had guides who were ancient gods or spirits of the land and nature. I had been brought up to be an atheist and was very suspicious about religion and the damage that dogma can do. These guides told me first to read the Bible and then to read the Koran. I did whip through them quickly, but I need to go into much greater depth with them both.

Anyway, last year my guides told me to start going to church. So, I went to my local village Church of England church. As the service progressed I began to find the experience very emotional. I was letting go of a huge prejudice. I was tearful and the kindly lady next to me held my hand. I was made very welcome, that day and since, by the congregation.

So, I have continued to attend the church on Sunday mornings. The congregation is small and dwindling for the ordinary services but bigger and more varied for the monthly "Pick and Mix" service which includes activities for children. I am using these attendances as an opportunity to remind myself of "The Other" or God or Great Spirit. In my busy day-to-day life I often get disconnected from it. I have had some precious experiences in that church: feeling myself being hugged by Jesus; suddenly being touched by a truth; being stopped in my tracks by a presence.

I am still wondering what my purpose is there. I am sure the other members of the congregation would be shocked by some of my experiences and beliefs.  But I still go as often as I can.

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