Saturday, 29 October 2016

I Did the Journey

It must be rather odd reading blogs where the first thing you see is the latest blog.  Anyway, previously I was talking about the Audible Life Stream which is the method used by the Masters in the book "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson.  I decided to journey to my spirit guide to ask about the audible life stream.  My guide offered to show me how it works.  First I had to take off my headphones which play the drum which I usually use to help me to journey.  Then I was left with a feeling that I was open to what was around me. I could hear cars passing outside... and the tinnitus in my left ear. The 'silence' was very distracting. It was a great effort to concentrate on the journey. I did manage to hear a sound.  Not very loud. Like a hum. Like a lot of people chanting. I was able to let myself be carried by this sound to the place where I have been before. I can only try to describe it visually. I am part of a cosmos. Like those beautiful pictures of outer space. A vast number of worlds or entities or galaxies, all drifting towards a kind of horizon and disappearing below it. But the horizon is not like the one that ancient scholars imagined, where once you had gone over it you fell off the world. This goes on and on. There is a wonderful beauty about it. I experienced the love. But it was not like that in the book.  Rather than the love coming from outside, it was coming from inside of me outwards in a continuous stream.

So, I think that there are different ways to journey for different people. Some people are visual, like I am; but many people are auditory and experience the world and the universe through sound. There are also people who are kinaesthetic who experience through sensation. I can't imagine how they do it but I know that they can journey into other dimensions just as well.

Discussing this with a friend, we came to the conclusion that our Masters are not in this world but they are our Spirit Guides who advise, help and support us in non-ordinary reality.

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