Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson

I can't remember who recommended this book.  It has been on my shelves for some time. I have found it a fascinating read. It is written by an American who was a distinguished surgeon, artist, scholar, pilot and an ordained minister of the church. He became dissatisfied with what he had learned from his Christian studies and went in search of a greater truth.  In India he finally met a Master who could answer his questions and lead him to the Truth.

I have quoted some of the things he has written which have particularly interested me:


"The mind is not self-conscious nor self-acting. It has no power of automation or of initiative. It is simply a machine ...

"We are not accustomed to think of mind as a machine.  We have always been taught that if there was anything that had powers of origination and initiative, it was the mind ... Mind works only when activated by the soul.

"... Mind alone cannot think, cannot will, cannot love. It cannot remember nor suffer nor enjoy. To do all of these things it must, in every instance, be activated by spirit.

"... of course, mind is a most useful instrument, provided it is kept under the control of the spirit. Mind is an excellent servant but a very bad master.  Your automobile or your airplane is a fine instrument for travel. But you must keep it under control and guide it. ... If your car is permitted to run wild, under full power, it is sure to come to grief. It knows no better than to run on as it has been trained to run. It cannot see and it cannot reason. So it is with mind, in every particular. It is your servant, but if it becomes your master it may speedily bring disaster upon you.

"Spirit alone has light in it, and spirit alone can work independently and rationally.

"We often hear people blaming others, insisting that they could do differently, if they would. Yes, but they cannot will to do differently. They can choose only what their minds have been predisposed to choose, unless a new impulse comes in from the spirit.

If a little light filters in from the spirit a person may change his course of thinking or action, but never otherwise. If the mind enjoys a certain sensation, it wishes to repeat that sensation as often as possible, quite regardless of whether that sensation is good for the person or not. And this is why we have so many drunkards, libertines and dope fiends."

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