Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Mind and the Soul

These are more quotations from "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson

"Social customs, ceremonies, rites, religions and politics are all based upon mental habits and are usually handed down from one generation to another.

"The whole human race is a slave to custom... All of this is because mind, both individual and social, is machinelike in its action. It cannot reason. Can you imagine vast armies going out with deliberate aim to destroy each other if they had the power of reason? Crime and moral rectitude are both mental habits. International strife is only blind personal passion run wild, en masse.

"The mind runs on habit. The more a habit is indulged, the more deeply will it become entrenched.

"There is a point, a fatal moment, a deadly crisis, when the soul is no longer able to handle the situation. It cannot reach the mind, and the mind itself is in the grasp of a relentless fate created by its own conduct.

"It is a principle of psychology verified by the experience of everyone that whatever the mind dwells upon, that thing becomes a part of the individual. We grow like that which we contemplate. The more vividly the thought dwells upon anything, the more that individual becomes like the thing he thinks about."

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