Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Julian Johnson, in "The Path of the Masters" talks about the law of karma.  He says that we are condemned to an eternal round of reincarnation and existences on earth, all the time gathering karma and in between we are punished and again sent out to learn about karma. Johnson says that it is only when we meet a Master who can guide us that we can escape the eternal round and join the Supreme One.

I decided to journey to my Spirit Guide to ask about karma.

He said that karma is the law of cause and effect.  I was shown the positive side of karma.  If you set in motion something good - then good will be manifested. The more good you introduce to life, the more good will be created.

I asked, "What about bad karma?" Yes.  That works in the opposite way but it can be counteracted by good karma.

I asked, "What about the belief that we all have endless rounds of life on earth as a result of our bad karma?"  I was told that if you believe that - then it will happen.  Concentrate on good karma and it won't.

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