Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Focusing. My first blog.

The other day I was doing some Focusing with my focusing partner (we meet on a fortnightly basis).

I found a 'felt sense' in the upper part of my body. The next part of the process is to focus on the felt sense and describe it. As I described its colour, shape, texture, etc. the metaphor of a bottle of Stephens ink appeared. When I was a child a bottle of 'proper' ink was a luxury, compared with the cloggy powder ink we had in our inkwells at school. A new bottle made me think that I should use it to write carefully and meaningfully.

The message was that it is time for me to start writing a blog.

I have spent many years learning and having wonderful experiences. There is no point in keeping all of these things to myself. I need to pass on what I have learned. And a blog seems to be the best way to do it.

After having made the decision I dallied about putting it into practice. Then, last Sunday I was praying for guidance and I was given a microphone.

Having been presented with these two wonderful metaphors I got into action and... Voila!  Here it is!

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