Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Four Fundamental Principles from Ancient Eastern Philosophy

From "The Path of the Masters" by Julian Johnson

  1. The first general principle is:
          Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti. That which exists is one: sages call it by various names.

All that lives is one life, one in essence, permeated and vitalized by the one universal Being.

The whole infinite universe is held together in one bond, and that bond is love.

2.      Tat Tvam Asi  Thou art that.

It means that every individual is so closely akin to all others that no real distinction can be made between them.

Each individual is the Supreme One

3.     Detachment

Essentially, this means that one is to cease to identify himself with his possessions and environment. 

He must leave not only his wealth and loved ones but he must leave his own body.

4.    Get rid of desire

Desire is the cause of all sorrow. 

"Desire draws us to objects of sense. The senses overwhelm the mind and the mind enslaves the soul... get rid of desire by placing before the mind something which has greater attraction."

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