Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Power of the Dream

While working on a dream during our recent workshop, one participant found herself pulling on a lead, as though she was being pulled along by a large dog. The message from the dream was that she could let go of the lead. When she did, her arm and shoulder relaxed. She had been suffering for some time with a painful shoulder, but now there was no pain.

Recent Dreams and Nightmares Workshop

We are delighted to share that our last training event (17/18th Sep) on Working with Nightmares and Dreams was a great success. This one seemed to be even more intense than the last one we ran on this topic. The participants were so willing to dive into the experience and to try out the exercises that we had planned. We worked with ordinary dreams first to gain confidence in the method and then we changed the procedure slightly for working with nightmares so that we could avoid anybody being re-traumatised during the process. Working ‘on the hoof’ we also suggested to people who do not have dreams that the method could be used with any issue that may be troubling them and this proved to be very useful. We wish to thank all those who took part for making the experience so powerful.

How Focusing Mixes with Shamanic Journeying

I was working with a client in a Focusing session, when she suddenly found herself in the Upper World speaking to her deceased grandmother. The grandmother was able to give her some good advice about family members.

The Cave of Lost Souls

A few months ago a friend emailed me about her discovery of this series of caverns when she was journeying for someone. The caves had mud floors where souls were buried in the mud. Well, I also found this cave when I was unravelling a curse. I was sent to look for a relative who had cast curses on a family. When I found this soul I was able to persuade her to revoke the curse. Then I wanted her to ascend to the Upper World, where all souls should go.  But, she still had more curses to remove before she could go.  After some time I was able to help her to transcend.