Thursday, 7 July 2016


Psychopomp is enabling spirits from the Middle World to transcend to the Upper World.

We live in the Middle World and when we die we are all supposed to go to the Upper World (I suppose you could call it Heaven), no matter what we did while we were alive. Unfortunately, in the present day, where many have given up on religion, and the souls of people do not know where to go when they die. I also encounter many souls who believe they do not deserve to go to the Upper World because they think they have been wicked in some way. There are also souls of people who have died suddenly and are not aware that they are dead. So, there are throngs of souls inhabiting the Middle World in non-ordinary reality, in a state of limbo, who should really be pursuing their development in the many realms or levels of the Upper World.

When I was first introduced to Psychopomp on my course with the Sacred Trust in Dorset, the whole group of us entered the Middle World in non-ordinary reality. We all found that we were really welcomed by the spirits in this world, who were anxious to move out of the state in which they were drifting.

I found myself in an urban environment and a queue soon gathered at a sort of bus stop. I was able to send them to the Upper World by asking them to go to the light and helping them along. Simon, our trainer, had told us that now we could perform psychopomp we might find ourselves attracting souls who wished to transcend. We had all brought a crystal which we could hang up at the entrance to our houses. The spirits would not enter our houses but would wait in the crystal until we were ready to send them on. Some of my colleagues would forget to do it and would find odd spirits inside their houses come to remind them. I once left my crystal in my bedroom when I went on holiday and returned to find the house full of spirits.

Since learning Psychopomp I have performed it weekly. It is such a pleasure to do this service for lost souls. At first I merely had to work with the spirits from the crystal. However, I soon found that there were hordes of spirits waiting for me when I started my session. The Archangel Michael now comes to open a great portal for them all to pass through. I have recently sent through a large number of Nazi soldiers from the second world war and a huge number of battle casualties from the Somme in the first world war.

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