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Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom and Focusing

The beliefs of the Kahunas of Polynesia and Focusing
The Secret Science Behind Miracles, Unveiling the Huna Tradition of the Ancient Polynesians, Max Freedom Long, 1948, DeVorss & Company.

Max Freedom Long studies the beliefs and practices of the Kahunas (Keepers of the Secret) in Hawaii. His findings mirror exactly what we have found in using Focusing.

The Kahunas believed that we are made up of three souls:

1.    The Low Self (unihipili). This is found around the body. It manages the emotions and it also holds a person’s memories. It has only elementary reasoning powers, like a dog or a horse. It has animal instincts, hates, fears and addictions.

2.    The Middle Self (uhane) is the conscious mind. It can use the powers of reason, imagination and will but it has no memory. It has language. It has unemotional logic but it can have fixed ideas if it does not use its powers of imagination.

3.    The High Self (aumakua) is the superconscious. It is a blend of masculine and feminine. It is the light, the way, or the path. It is a powerful force which is in contact with “the God who dwells with man”. Its role is love and service.
The High Self has wisdom and love and can guide, correct ad heal the other two selves. But the Kahunas believed that it could only do so in a certain way. The low and middle selves have free will and the high self allows them to exercise their free will and to learn by their experiences unless they desire and request guidance from the High Self.

It is only the Low Self that is able to communicate with the High Self. But it can only do that if it is directed by the will of the middle self. Therefore, when guidance is required, the middle or logical self, uses its energy or will to direct the Low Self to communicate with the High Self. The Middle Self then must relax and allow the other two to communicate.

This is exactly how Focusing works. If there is a problem the focuser is brought into a relaxed state, out of the mind and into awareness of the body. Once the relevant part of the body is located, it can communicate, by use of metaphor and images, its experience of the problem. Then the High Self will intervene and help with the problem. Often it will suggest looking at the issue from different perspectives and changing certain behaviour or ways of thinking.

If there is no particular problem, the High Self can be contacted anyway and will communicate using light and colour to give the focuser a wonderful spiritual experience.

The Kahuna explanation of how problems arise:

The Low Self governs the senses but has little intelligence. Therefore, it can become driven by those senses into addictions or enmeshed by overwhelming emotions, which it cannot control. It also holds the memory of everything that happens but is unable to communicate these memories to the other selves without the direction of the middle self.

The Middle Self has logic and reason but if it does not connect with the Low Self, it loses the instincts which tell it whether its beliefs are right or ethical. It cannot connect with the High Self without the aid of the Low Self.

The Kahunas believed that if a person believes they have “sinned”, the Low Self and the Middle Self agree that there is a sin, and then the Low Self will feel unworthy to contact the High Self for guidance and will not do so. It may believe that punishment must be given and this comes in the form of illness or accidents or seeking the company of people who will hurt them.

The Low and Middle selves can also absorb the criticisms and abusive comments of others and believe them to be true. This inhibits the natural talents and abilities of the person.

All of these can be helped by contacting the High Self, through the body, by means of instruction from the Middle Self or mind/will.

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